Shine Your Shoes for Wir Sind Ohana: Step on Stage!

Become a part of a pivotal moment for the German Salesforce community – Wir sind Ohana, 24th of May, 2024. Take a moment to imagine the excitement:

This event is not just a convergence of minds; it's a vibrant celebration of Salesforce's dynamic ecosystem. It's where Trailblazers from all walks of life share, learn, and inspire. We're calling on you – whether you're a battle-tested Salesforce veteran or a fresh face in this ever-evolving community – to bring your stories and insights to the forefront.

Your experiences are the lifeblood of this event, shaping a diverse and rich learning experience for all attendees.

Your Voice Matters: A Warm Welcome to First-Time Speakers at Wir sind Ohana

Hesitant about speaking for the first time? Let Wir sind Ohana be your launching pad. Our community and by extension the event thrives on fresh perspectives and new ideas. Your journey, no matter how nascent in the Salesforce world, has its own unique value. Here, every voice counts, and every experience matters. Our audience is supportive, our atmosphere is encouraging, and your contribution could be the highlight for someone embarking on their Salesforce journey. It could just as well offer a solution to someone having the same challenge. Embrace this opportunity to share, engage, and grow.

No Fluff means Beyond the Hype: Embracing Authenticity and Substance in Your Presentations

In a world brimming with buzzwords and jargon, Wir sind Ohana stands for something different – authenticity. 'No fluff' is more than a catchphrase; it's a commitment to genuine, impactful content. It's not about technical jargon or years of experience; it's about real-world applications, honest insights, and lessons learned from the trenches. Share the challenges you've overcome, the solutions you've crafted, and the knowledge you've gained. Your real-life stories are what our community yearns for, cutting through the noise with clarity and purpose.

Speaking at Wir sind Ohana: A Gateway to Growth and Community Engagement

Taking the stage at Wir sind Ohana is more than just a speaking slot; it's a doorway to opportunities. It's your chance to connect with peers, industry leaders, and budding enthusiasts in the Salesforce world. Your insights can spark inspiration, offer guidance, and forge lasting connections. Whether it's strengthening your personal brand, expanding your professional network, or contributing to the rich tapestry of Salesforce knowledge, your presence on the stage can have a ripple effect that extends far beyond the event itself.

Step into the Spotlight: Seize the Opportunity to Speak at Wir sind Ohana

This is more than just an event; it's a community, a learning experience, and a chance to impact lives. Join us on stage and be a part of something truly special. We're waiting to celebrate your contribution to our Salesforce Ohana.

Are you ready to make your mark at Wir sind Ohana? We're eager to embrace your voice and listen to your story. Use the button below to apply or hop over to our Call For Speakers Page.