What's your name, please?


Alex Maier (c) Alex Maier

What brought you to Wir Sind Ohana?

Opportunity to organize an outstanding Salesforce community conference here in Germany.

Any previous experience in organizing such an event? 

Organizing multiple conferences for like minded people, from small local workshops to international congress for 800 delegates.

How many Dreamin events did you visit yourself? Do you have a favorite? Why?

I've been twice to Czech Dreamin, the last one was my favourite.

What's your favorite trailhead character?



He's so fluffy. He can build anything!

How does a typical workday look for you?

Check Emails, and block all people who write directly to me me instead of opening a support ticket.
Get all the news during daily stand-up meeting.
Make sure my team is happy and can deliver exceptional results.

What are your responsibilities for WSO?

Paper work, local attractions, expo plan.

Any tips for visitors? 

Visit the Museum of Technology, have a beer at a street corner, have a beer in a park, have beer in an Eckkneipe, eat a Currywurst, have a beer in a beer garden.