What's your name, please?

Daniel Stange

Portrait of Daniel Stange

What brought you to Wir Sind Ohana?

Oh. I’m at the center of the long story of WSO (read it on our blog). After being a speaker at many Dreamin events around the globe, I wanted to bring such a thing to Germany - as simple as that. I’m not a person who talks about „inspiration“ a lot, but Community events for me always were an inspiration and motivation for my professional role, and I would like share this experience with as many people as possible.

Any previous experience in organizing such an event? 

I‘m a co-organizer of Skiforce and Architect Dreamin, a group leader for the Frankfurt user group, so I have a lot of routine in organizing Salesforce-themed events. I’m also organizing team events and customer events for my company, DIA Digital Consulting. And I have a long history in professional sports and was organizing home games for my club for almost 20 years.

How many Dreamin events did you visit yourself? Do you have a favorite? Why?

I can’t count them, honestly. In Europe, I visited all except the legendary London‘s Calling (and I won’t make it this year, again. So sorry!). The ones I’ll always remember are Tahoe Dreamin 2017, which was my first event ever. Daniel Peter courageously drove our party of Adam Olshansky, Zachery Jeans, Mark Masterson, Daniel‘s wife and I from San Francisco to Tahoe through a massive snowstorm.
I have very fond memories of Albania Dreamin, Pakistan Dreamin and Cairo Dreamin too - all three were the first in-person events for Salesforce communities that grow super fast and have that special vibe, combined with a beautiful country, culture and community.

What's your favorite Trailhead character?

Let me tell you a secret: I actually don’t like any of them a lot. If I had to choose one, it would be Meta the Moose (anyone remembering?) or Hootie the Owl


I like the moose - and the Metadata model is the thing I love (and hate) the most about Salesforce

How does a typical workday look for you?

My day is typically very fragmented - in my role as a CTO, technical architect, line manager and one of the most senior people in the company, I have to jump from task to task. Two things take a lot of time: Talking to people and thinking of good solutions for problems. And extended time on my own for research, reasoning, prototyping, thinking and writing. I love both - so it’s the perfect job for me.

What are your responsibilities for WSO?

All. I’m driving most of the streams, did a lot of sponsoring stuff, helped on the contact track. Most things start and end between Ankit and I.

Any tips for visitors? 

I‘m not a Berlin local, so my experience is limited, and for most of my life, I lived in smaller suburb towns in the Frankfurt area.
I generally love to walk in all places I’m travelling to. That's true for Berlin in particular. I simply let the special vibes of that city sink in, do a few hops with S-Bahn or U-Bahn, and walk a bit again. I love the downtown East Berlin charm, because I worked for a while in Prenzlauer Berg. Checkpoint Charlie museum is super interesting for me. Charlottenburg with Olympia Stadium and the sports complex is a key place too - I’m a historian by education, so the history and the 1930s architecture of that place trigger a lot of thoughts and emotions. Walking from Hauptbahnhof via Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate through Mitte and Friedrichstraße and Checkpoint Charlie in the early mornings is an excellent way to see most of the impressive historical and modern sights of Berlin, and enjoying the rare calms moments of the day in a buzzing city